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*These results are not typical. Individual result will vary.

Hi to all HSO members,

My name is Ivan and am also one of the HSO family member, thank you HSO Team for given me the opportunity to sharing my experience to all of you that has the same dream as me to start on a healthy and slim fit life style. I start on the replacement meal in April with the weight of 60.1kg and 155cm height. I replace my breakfast and lunch with Formula 1 and 3 and a must of at least 1500ml of water mixed with Tea Mix a day. For dinner, I have reduced my plate on rice and meat with plenty of veggie and an apple a day. Not forgotten, I practicing doing 40 minutes outdoor exercise 4-5 times a week like jogging or badminton.

I have maintained the lifestyle for about 4 months now, and I was losing 5kg in the third month. Hopefully my little experience can help up a little. Thank you.

– Ivan W., 6 July 2014

Individual results may vary and are dependent upon various factors such as your weight when you start, your target weight loss goal, your level of exercise, presence of medical conditions, use of medications, accuracy with programme compliance, etc. As with most programmes, we suggest that you consult with your physician prior to starting.

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