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Oct 23

Sleep Your Way to Slim – How Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

As surprising as it may be, your sleep affects your weight. If you get enough shut eye each night, the bigger the chance for you to lose weight fast. So if you’re worried about the numbers on the scale going up, it’s time for you to know the connection between how much you snooze and how much you lose.

4 Benefits of Sleep to Your Weight

1.) Sleeping makes you less hungry.

Think food is the only source of energy and the only thing we need to look after to lose weight? Think again. Sometimes, what we need is better sleep, not food to get through the daily grind of life. Our appetite is regulated by proteins that turn our hunger queues on and off. Lack of sleep sets off the proteins that turn on hunger. Hence, the reason why we feel hungry and unable to curb and satisfy hunger pangs.

2.) Sleeping increases the amount of daytime activities we do.

When we know we’ve had a good night’s rest, we feel energized and raring to go. As a result, we are able to do more activities that keep us active such as exercising. However, if we only had 2 hours of sleep, then expect to wake up feeling exhausted. Cortisol (the body’s primary stress hormone) levels are elevated keeping us inactive and impeding with our appetite regulation which increases the exchange of food into body fat resulting to weight gain.


3.) Sleeping helps burn more calories.

Individuals who have more sleep burn more calories. How? Because food calories are burnt instead of converted into body fat. But if we lack sleep, hormones are likely thrown off which can control the rate at which the body is burning off calories. It also affects normal insulin levels (which play an important role in ensuring calories are properly burnt for energy).


4.) Sleeping boosts muscle mass.

Better sleep equates to better capacity for the body to build muscle mass. An increase in muscle mass assists in fat loss and sustenance of fat loss. A muscle cell burns more calories than a fat cell so the more muscles we have, the more calories we can burn every day, avoiding extra food calories from being converted into fat.

Tips for A Better Sleep

Here are some easy tips you can follow to bring on the sleep:

  • Set a regular bedtime – Sleep (at least 7-9 hours) at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Having a bedtime routine will also help prepare your body for sleep.
  • Create a peaceful atmosphere – Your bedroom should be for resting. Don’t use electronics. Keep the lights low. Play soft music. Keep the room cool and cozy.
  • Don’t eat and drink caffeine 2 to 3 hours before going to bed – A heavy meal plus caffeine will only keep you up at night. Light snacks (e.g. biscuits and a glass of warm milk) are fine.
  • Exercise often – Exercising (early in the morning or late afternoon) can improve your sleep.

As you can see, sleep and slim are great allies. But do keep in mind that for you to get slim, regular work out and proper diet must also be observed. When you combine these three, you’ve got a very powerful weapon to help you lose weight fast. Now go and start logging those extra hours!

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