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Jul 15

Ramadan: Effective Fasting Meal Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Ramadan is a time of devotion, charity, reflection and fasting practiced by Muslims all over the world. Since fasting by consuming the best nutrition promises good health, why not begin Ramadan with a healthy Herbalife fasting meal plan.

Herbalife fasting meal plan can help to control your hunger while shedding those unwanted fats so you can lose weight fast.

No need to worry about how to come up with a fasting meal plan. In this blog, we give to you a Herbalife fasting diet plan. This is a healthy diet plan that is created to help our Muslim brothers and sisters sustain a healthy metabolism, control their appetite, cut down unnecessary fat and make them feel invigorated while losing that extra weight.

Why is fasting observed during Ramadan?

Muslims fast during the period of Ramadan to experience starvation and thirst to empathize with other people who have too little to eat every day.

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Fasting With Herbalife Nutrition Fasting Meal Plan

A fasting meal plan that contains Herbalife products will help you fulfill your fasting commitments during Ramadan while at the same time ensuring you get the important nutrients your body needs to build muscle mass and reduce weight. The picture below is a schedule of how you should take Herbalife products.

Fasting Meal Plan

NOTE: Drinking Herbal tea varies from person to person (maximum of 4 teaspoons a day). The amount you consume depends on how your body copes with the boost in metabolism. Drinking too much of Herbal Tea can cause side effects such as constant sweating, vertigo and an increase of heart rate. Make sure you adjust the consumption of Herbal Tea appropriately.

            Do not take Herbalife Tea Mix 30 minutes before and after drinking the Formula 1 shake as the tea will take away most of the nutrients in the shake.

DON’T FORGET to take Herbalife Calcium Plus as part of your healthy diet plans during Ramadan. This will help maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth.

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Nutrients You Can Get When Following Herbalife Fasting Meal Plan During Ramadan

Rest assured, you can still get your daily dose of essential nutrients when following the Herbalife fasting diet plan during the month of Ramadan. Why? Because…

  • Formula 1 and 3 Shake – contains up to 19 vitamins, minerals and nutrients for weight management, improved health, cellular growth repair and generation
  • Herbal Aloe Concentrate – boosts nutrient absorption and digestive health because it is loaded with enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Herbalife Tea Mix – an energy booster that keeps you revitalized while you are watching your weight
  • TC Formula – contains antioxidant, boosts energy and burns fat for easy weight loss

Herbalife Essential Products For Ramadan

Which Herbalife products do you need for Ramadan?

Remember, planning is the key to success! If you follow this Fasting meal plan faithfully, then you will be able to fast successfully and at the same time reduce weight.

We are wishing you the best of luck in following this Herbalife fasting meal plan. Selamat Berpuasa to all of our muslim members! : )

Rooting for you,

~ The HSO Team ~

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