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Jul 10

How to Measure Body Fat and Ideal Body Weight

A lot of people want to lose weight, and the best way to attain this is to know how to measure body fat. In order for you to effectively embark on ways to lose weight, it is very important for you to know your current body fat percentage in order to have a reasonable healthy weight range.

Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

Do not feel bad if your scale does not show that you are dropping weight even after following your diet program vigilantly. It could be because the water weight in your body is the cause why the scale stays the same even though your body fat percentage has reduced.

In this post, we are going to teach you how you can calculate body fat percentage to help you lose weight. Keep in mind that body fat does not drop off as fast as water weight, hence, it would be best to check it out once a month. In addition, consider weighing in and assessing your body fat percentage during the day as this is the time when your body is famished and does not have excess food and water.

How to Measure Body Fat and Minimum Calorie Consumption

Fill out the following calculator to determine how much body fat you have, minimum calorie consumption and other wellness details.

  • Height – do not wear shoes when measuring
  • Neck – measure beneath the voice box; make sure measuring tape is angling a little downward to the front.
  • Waist – measure at the level of minimal abdominal width (women) and at the level of the belly button (men) horizontally
  • Hips (women only) – measure the biggest horizontal area around the hips
  • Weight – measure naked in the morning right after using the restroom before consuming food and beverage



Hip (Female):






Refer to the table beneath to assess your body status:


How to lose fat - body fat percentage

Identifying Body Fat Mass and Tracking Your Fat Loss

A person’s body weight is composed of body fat mass and fat-free mass (lean body mass). The next step is to figure out the body fat mass and monitor the amount of body fat mass shed if this is not your first time to perform these computations.

Computing Overall Body Fat Reduction

Preliminary Body Fat Mass –> Preliminary Weight x Preliminary Body Fat Percentage

Present Body Fat Mass –> Present Weight x Present Body Fat Percentage

Overall Body Fat Mass = Preliminary Body Fat Mass – Present Body Fat Mass


Male, 25 years old

February 1, 2013 Measurements = 135 kg, 26% body fat

March 1, 2013 Measurements = 130kg, 25% body fat

Preliminary Weight: 135 kg x 26% or 0.26 = 35.1 kg body fat

Present Weight: 130 kg x 24% or 0.24 = 32.5 kg body fat

Overall Body Fat Loss: 35.1 kg – 32.5 kg = 2.6 kg fat lost

Lean Body Weight Loss = Preliminary Weight – Present Weight – Overall Body Fat loss

                                 = 135 kg – 130 kg – 2.6 kg

                                = 2.4 kg lean body weight lost

Minimum Calorie Consumption

Your minimum daily calorie consumption is the total calorie you need to take to sustain weight. If you would like to drop weight, you have to take in fewer calories daily or include an exercise program to reduce more calories and achieve your desired healthy weight.

You have five options to choose from. Pick one which you think will suit you best:

  • About 0.45 kg / 1 pound a week

        – 500 calories lower than your overall daily calorie requisite

  • Slow and steady

       – 15 percent calories lower than your overall daily calorie requisite

  • Standard

       – 20 percent calories lower than your overall daily calorie requisite

  • Intermediate

        – 25 percent calories lower than your overall daily calorie requisite

  • If you want fast results

        – 30 percent calories lower than your overall daily calorie requisite


Identifying Your Desired Body Weight

Determining your weight loss target by identifying your desired body weight can be rather erroneous, but if you are still interested in learning about your ideal body weight, you can use the formula below to help you:

Ideal Body Weight = Height (cm) – 100 x m

Determine Ideal Body Weight


Male, 25 years old, 135kg, 178 cm

Sample Ideal Body Weight = 178 cm – 100 x 0.9 = 70.2 kg

Your Ideal Body Weight: ____________ kg

Once you learn how to measure body fat, record your weight loss, find out your everyday calorie needs to reduce weight and compute your ideal body weight, you can establish a rational goal on how to lose weight and savor your quest. Best of luck!

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