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Apr 02

How to Cook Healthy Food That Tastes Good

Healthy food can be as lip-smacking as a tuna sandwich or a creamy pasta. Diet foods need not be boring if you know how to cook them. We’re here to show you how to cook healthy food that tastes mouthwatering with these 6 easy-to-follow tips.

Make Use of Fresh Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are popular in making good diet food. Don’t be afraid to use them to add flavour to your food. Herbs such as basil, caraway, coriander and oregano and spices such as ginger, sage, rosemary and turmeric are just a few examples. Experiment with various flavours or mix them all up. Herbs and spices aren’t just perfect for producing tasty foods but they’re good for your health too.


Make Use of Healthy Oils

Use healthier oils for cooking such as walnut oil, seed oil, peanut oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Using these healthy oils can alter the quality and taste of the food in a major way. Plus, these oils are “healthy fats” that can reduce high cholesterol, promote good cholesterol and give you lasting energy which will come in handy when you exercise. Aside from that, these healthy oils can be an ideal part of a heart-healthy diet and will help you in your weight loss quest.


Prepare Foods Differently

There are different ways of preparing healthy food – you can use a crock pot, bake, broil, sear or steam it. Cooking your foods using these methods will help you create tastier foods and will help change the flavour and texture of your dishes.

Use Stocks

You can also use beef, chicken, fish and vegetable stocks in cooking your food. These are great for enhancing the flavour of sauces.

Get Fruity

If you want to satiate your sweet tooth, fruit is the answer to your craving. Take a piece of fruit with you when you go out. Add fruits into your meals or eat them as a side dish or dessert. If you’re juicing, you can add fruit to the vegetables you juice to add more zest. Fruits are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, promoting good heath.


Cook Your Own Food

Instead of buying processed food or dining out, why not make your own food? Cooking your own meals gives you control on what to put and what not to put into your food and you’ll be assured you will have healthy food that tastes good. Check out websites offering healthy and tasty food recipes.


There’s no need to endure eating bland, boring diet food. Eating healthy foods that tastes divine is no longer a problem when you follow the tips above on how to cook healthy food.

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