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Feb 28

How Fibre Helps to Speed Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

What can you do to speed up your metabolism to help you burn calories and shed pounds? Spend hours working out at the gym? No. The answer – take more fibre!

Fast burners are better at keeping unwanted pounds at bay but as we grow older, our metabolic rates start slowing down, thus, it’s easier for fats to creep into our stomachs, hips and thighs. We’re here to show you how to increase your metabolism with the help of fibre.

What Can Fibre Do for You?

Fibre Supercharges Your Metabolism by:

Making Your Intestines Move Faster

Eating insoluble fibre-rich foods travels faster through your digestive system so things pass through quicker which help give a signal of fullness.

Uses Up Energy

Fibre is a carbohydrate which the body fails to digest but it tries to nonetheless. This attempt expends energy making your body burn calories faster which can increase your metabolic rate during the process.

Other Benefits of Fibre:

Prevents Binge Eating – Sugar in fibre-rich foods is absorbed slower, keeping your glucose level from increasing too rapidly which stops you from feeling hungry shortly after eating.

Cleanses Your Colons – The “scrub-brush” effect of fibre helps wash out bacteria and other build-up in your intestines, minimizing your risk for colon cancer.

Regulates Bowel Movements – Constant consumption of foods rich in fibre helps you have soft, regular bowel movements (preventing constipation).

Speeding Up Your Metabolism with Fibre

1. Know How Much Fibre You Need.

Use a food diary/journal to keep track of the food you eat and how much of it you consume. It will also help you find out whether or not you’re getting enough fibre every day. On average, Malaysians get 10.7-16.1 g of fibre every day. The RNI for fibre is 30 g/day (for all age groups above 2 years old).


2. Eat More Fibre-rich Foods.

Inadequate intake of fibre is a killer in one’s diet. Fibre-rich foods help speed up your metabolism so make sure you consume them regularly.


3. Take A Natural Metabolism Booster.




Formula 1 Shake

A meal-replacement shake that not only contains fibre to help increase metabolism but also helps in weight management so you can lose weight while getting all the nutrients you need at the same time.

NOTE: A healthy digestive system is necessary for fibre to effectively boost your metabolic rate. We recommend Herbal Aloe Concentrate to keep your digestive system in tiptop shape.


Herbal Aloe Concentrate

Made from aloe plant which has amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that soothe the tummy, ease occasional indigestion, maintain healthy digestion and boost intestinal health.

Fibre is known to be the best metabolism booster . Speed up your metabolism starting TODAY. Remember, there is no reason you can’t have the same metabolism in your 30s and 40s that you had in your 20s!

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