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Mar 16

Fruit Causes Weight Gain – Is It True?

Is it true that too much fruit causes weight gain? If yes, how is this possible? Does this mean we have to forego eating fruits? Today, we’re going to clear this issue once and for all.

Fruits and Weight Gain

Fruit is a food for weight gain, especially when you eat too much of it. Fruits may be low in calories and rich in fibre and water but it almost has 3 times the calories per serving as non-starchy vegetables. These “fruit calories” can stop you from shedding off pounds particularly when you’re consuming more calories than you are burning.

Fruits differ in calorie-content. A medium-sized banana has around 105 calories while a cup of strawberries only has 46 calories. Eating fruits high in calories can cause sudden weight gain.

Here’s a guideline on how each fruit stacks up in terms of sugar:


Why Fruits Cause Sudden Weight Gain

  • Eating It Dried

Dried apricots, raisins and prunes have low water content which makes them loaded with calories. 1 cup of dried fruits = 100 calories. There’s a huge chance you’ll eat them in large amounts so make sure to measure portion sizes and eat them with restraint.


  • In Baked Goods

Think it’s okay to load up on that yummy homemade apple pie? Just because a dessert has some fruit in it doesn’t mean it’s nutritious. Remember, there are other ingredients in making this baked good such as sugar, refined flour and butter. Eat them once in a while but always choose to eat a piece of fruit as much as possible.

  • Drinking It

A glass of OJ (orange juice) needs about 10 oranges, meaning this drink is loaded with calories and sugar. Fruit juices are one of the most common reasons for weight gain even if they give you the vitamins and minerals from the fruit.


Too Much Sugar = Increased Exposure to Health Risks

Yes, eating fruits can lower your chances of getting sick. But keep in mind that too much of anything will do you harm. Excessive fruit intake can lead to tooth decay and an increase in triglyceride levels (a cause for heart disease and high cholesterol). Fructose, the main form of sugar found in fruit is also believed to cause belly fat, slow metabolic rate and overall weight gain.

Your Daily Fruit Intake

Keep your fruit intake to 2 fruits per day. Below is a fruit serving guide to help you:


Fruits – Still Important for Good Health

Moderate consumption of fruits will do you good than harm. They are great defenders from chronic illnesses, rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and help speed up your metabolism which helps tame your appetite and lose weight.

Ways to Cut Back on Fruits without Cutting Back on Nutrition
  • Opt for fruits low in sugar as they are rich in in nutritional value.


  • Substitute some fruits with vegetables. Veggie sticks such as carrots along with a healthy dip (e.g. hummus) make for a healthy, filling and low-calorie snack.

While fruit causes weight gain, it’s undeniable that they will always be an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. As long as you’re careful with your intake, you need not worry about gaining weight!

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