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Aug 29

Download Your Herbalife Weight Loss Food Journal to Lose More Weight

What if just by making one change in your habits, you could double your weight loss? It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible. How? By keeping a food journal.

We know a lot of people are dying to lose unnecessary weight and if you’re one of them, today is your lucky day as we are going to teach you how to keep a food journal through our daily food journal worksheet to help you shed off pounds and keep them off for good.

Why We Need A Food Journal

When we write down what we eat, we are able to take a closer look at our food habits and stay on track so we can make essential changes to maintain and boost health. Plus, we know that when you keep a food journal, you are on the right track as it is one excellent diet plan for weight loss.


Food Journal Keepers = A Decrease In Weight

123 previously overweight, obese and postmenopausal women in Seattle took part in a weight loss study.

The objective was to attain a 10% reduction in weight in 6 months. To get this, the women followed a restricted-calorie diet. Half of them were on an exercise programme and the other half were only placed on a diet.

Each woman recorded what they ate each day using a 7-day food journal provided by dietician counselors. By the end of the year, both the diet and diet and exercise groups accomplished a 10% weight reduction.

Clearly, keeping a food journal is an excellent weight loss tracker as it helps you become more mindfulreducing distracted, careless eating habits. This is simply because when we write down what we eat and how much we eat, we become more aware of our food intake which helps prevent over eating or eating even when you are not hungry.

Other findings:

  • Women who constantly dine out lost an average of 5 pounds less than women who eat in restaurants rarely.
  • Women who regularly record their food consumption using the food journal lost approximately 6 pounds more than those do who don’t track their meals.
  • Those who skip meals lost fewer pounds as compared to those who do not skip meals.


More Food Journal Tips

  • Observe your level of hunger along with the foods you consume.
  • It really helps if you also jot down what you were doing while eating and how eating made you feel.
  • Keep track of the times when you gave in to your cravings as well as your food triumphs. Don’t be shy. Be honest.

DOWNLOAD Your Herbalife Meal Plan Food Journal Worksheet

We have a Food Journal Worksheet you can use based on the Herbalife Meal Plan to keep it all organized.

<< DOWNLOAD Your Herbalife Meal Plan Checklist >>

HSO-MY Herbalife Meal Plan Weight Loss Tracker 1

HSO-MY Herbalife Meal Plan Weight Loss Tracker 2

<< DOWNLOAD Your Herbalife Meal Plan Checklist >>

As you can see, having a food journal can successfully help you in your weight loss journey. Don’t waste time. Go ahead, give it a try and see the benefits with your very own eyes!

Shoot us an e-mail if you have questions. We wish you the best of luck!


Rooting for you,

~ The HSO Team ~

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