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May 28

Lose Weight with Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes That Work

Do you need to lose weight? Have you been thinking about trying a weight loss programme? Diets and programmes that promise to help you lose weight are everywhere, but Herbalife has the best weight loss programmes that work! 


Apr 25

How to Lose Baby Weight Fast

Now that your new baby is here, it’s time to get rid of those extra pounds you’ve put on during pregnancy. But with an extra hectic schedule, can you still squeeze in some “getting back in shape time”? Absolutely! Here are five easy and effective ways on how to lose baby weight fast.


Apr 10

Is It True Protein Can Burn Fat Fast?

Looking for a more effective way to shed off pounds? A high-protein diet is your key to healthy weight loss. Although exercise is the only way to burn fat, eating adequate amounts of protein may promote weight loss as it enhances satiety, increases metabolism and makes it easier to stick with a low calorie diet. Today, we’ll show you how protein can burn fat.


Mar 16

Fruit Causes Weight Gain – Is It True?

Is it true that too much fruit causes weight gain? If yes, how is this possible? Does this mean we have to forego eating fruits? Today, we’re going to clear this issue once and for all.


Mar 12

8 Tips on How to Control Your Hunger to Lose Weight

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for the nearest consumable item you can get your hands on even if you’ve just had your meal? The insatiable beast, that is your appetite can bring trouble especially when you’re on a quest to lose weight. Here are 8 ways you can try to control your hunger.


Mar 05

2 Healthy Quick Snacks That Help You Lose Weight More

Snacks can be a dieter’s best friend. That is, if you pick the right ones. Here are guilt-free, healthy quick snacks from Herbalife you can nibble even while you’re trying to lose weight.


Feb 28

How Fibre Helps to Speed Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

What can you do to speed up your metabolism to help you burn calories and shed pounds? Spend hours working out at the gym? No. The answer – take more fibre!


Feb 14

5 Special Ways to Celebrate A Healthy Valentine’s Day

February 14 is coming, have you planned how you’ll spend your Valentine’s Day? If you want to break free from the typical and spend this holiday the healthier way, these five fun and sweet ways plus our Herbalife Holiday Diet Meal Plan will ensure you’ll have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.


Feb 10

5 Crunch-Free Ab Toning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Want to get a tight stomach in just a matter of weeks without doing a single crunch? Here are five ab toning exercises that guarantee a trim and toned core.


Feb 02

2 Surprising Weight Loss Tricks Backed By Science

We diet to achieve our desired weight. But not all tips and tricks about dieting are true; others are just fads which keeps us from attaining our goal. Today, we decode the truth behind these two popular weight loss tricks so you don’t waste investing your time and effort in an ineffective diet plan once and for all.