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Jun 04

6 Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain after Exercise

Rigorous physical activity can take a toll in your body. Thus, we suffer sore muscle or muscle stiffness. This can feel like torture. But, fear not for relief is within easy reach. These six ways will effectively relieve muscle pain after exercise.


Mar 26

5 Ways to Cut Your Exercise Schedule in Half

Who has time for a long, full workout these days? We know exercising regularly is important. But with a busy schedule, that just seems impossible. Today, you’re in for some good news! Here are 5 ways you can cut your exercise schedule in half so you can workout everyday without wasting precious time.


Mar 19

Should I Eat Before or After Exercise?

Ready to work up a sweat? Hang on for a second! Have you thought about whether you should eat before or after exercise? What about the food you’re going to eat? It’s not only about planning what type of workout routines you’re doing that’s important, when and what you eat are also huge factors that will help ensure you’ll exercise effectively.


Mar 13

10 Common Fitness Myths Revealed

Deciding to work out is a huge and very important step not just for weight loss but for better well-being. However, fitness is a broad area and we have to watch out for fitness myths that can cause us more harm than good. We’ve unveiled 10 of the most common fitness myths. Prepare to be surprised.


Feb 10

5 Crunch-Free Ab Toning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Want to get a tight stomach in just a matter of weeks without doing a single crunch? Here are five ab toning exercises that guarantee a trim and toned core.


Jan 15

Cardio and Strength Training – Which One Should I Do First?

We exercise to become healthy and it always does us good. But what many of us don’t know is that arranging our workout routines, especially cardio and strength training can help give us better results.


Oct 03

1-hour Exercises That Burn The Most Calories

Tired of trudging along on the treadmill every week? Are the numbers on the scale going down as slow as a snail’s pace? You can save plenty of time and lose weight effectively by doing exercises that burn the most calories.