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Jan 15

Cardio and Strength Training – Which One Should I Do First?

We exercise to become healthy and it always does us good. But what many of us don’t know is that arranging our workout routines, especially cardio and strength training can help give us better results.

The key to knowing which to do first is by knowing your goals. Here is a guide you can follow and our exclusive Herbalife Exercise Meal Plan to help you with your diet.

If Your Goal is to Burn Fat

Do cardio first (then strength train next) as it’s the best exercise to burn fat. Cardio exercises help you lose unwanted weight as it burns more calories in a single workout session. Aerobics, brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming and using the elliptical machine are great cardiovascular exercises.

Strength training certainly burns more calories per minute but the usual problem is that when we lift weights we tend to get exhausted faster pushing us to cut our workouts short.


If Your Goal is to Build Muscle Mass and Improve Strength

Strength train first as the body’s glycogen (energy source for muscle contraction) is high. Doing cardio before resistance training reduces glycogen, making your workout efforts useless.

To increase strength, your body has to change into “repair and rebuild” (anabolic mode) at once after strength training and the best way to do that is for you to eat rather than do cardio. A light cardio workout before you strength train would be better BUT don’t do rigorous resistance exercises once you’ve already drained yourself out with cardio – that’s dangerous.


If Your Goal is to Boost Cardiovascular Endurance

Perform cardio first while you still have ample energy to do long-distance exercise routines. Then include resistance training routines (e.g. squat jumps, plyometrics, lifting weights and lunges) 2-3 times a week either after or separate from your cardio exercises to improve muscular strength and lessen your risk of injury.


If Your Goal is to Improve Overall Health

If boosting your overall health is your goal, exercise order doesn’t matter. You can do cardio first then strength train or vice versa. You can even do both at the same time with circuit or interval training or on separate days if you like.


Here Comes Our Herbalife Exercise Meal Plan
  1. Post Workout (within 30 minutes): Take Formula 1 Protein Shake (combine 2 heaping spoons of Formula 1 Shake and 2-3 heaping spoons of Whey Protein Powder).
  2. 3 Times a Day: Take Omega 3 Fish Oil with meals. BUT don’t take it pre and post exercising (this will just add the fat that you’ve burnt off back to your body).Herbalifeline-omega-3-fish-oil-supplementOmega 3 Fish Oil – A vital supplement for individuals who work out. We often typecast fish oil as only beneficial for the heart but it’s an awesome fat burner too (but it only works if you exercise). Bodybuilders taking fish oil lose more fat than those who don’t. You can learn more about this product here: Is Fish Oil Good for You – You Can Lose Weight Fast?
  3. Before Bed: Take NW Formula. If you are drinking Formula 1 Shake before sleeping, you can add NW Formula to your shake.TN_NW_FormulaNW Formula – Consumed before bed and perfect for recovery. NW Formula has Nitric Oxide (NO) – an essential ingredient that prompts a “pump” to your exercise routines by improving blood circulation in your body (getting more oxygen to the muscle faster). Muscles create lactic acid when releasing energy and the build-up of lactic acid can cause fatigue and muscle ache after rigorous exercise. Taking NW Formula will certainly help reduce these issues. Usually, NO supplements are taken pre-workout to give you a pump when exercising. But NW Formula is made to be taken before sleep, so it will work more like a recovery supplement so you’ll feel invigorated and less sore the next day.Keep in mind that recovery is as important as exercising. Without a good recovery, your workout efforts will be put to waste.

Cardio and strength training are two workout routines that have to be in order. So know what you want to achieve so you can decide which method works best for you!

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