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Dec 02

Can Skipping Meals Cause Weight Gain?

Most people think skipping meals can help them lose weight. What may seem like a sure-fire plan, in most cases often backfires. All it does is make you gain weight and develop a whole bunch of sickness. Now we don’t want that, do we?

Why We Put on Weight When We Skip Meals

The Urge to Binge Eat

We feel deprived when we skip meals and that emotion can lead to an “urge to splurge” or to binge eat or overeat. If you didn’t eat anything today, your next move is to have second helpings during dinner, grab those extra scoops of ice cream or huge slices of cake. No wonder the calories continue to pile up. The 400-calorie lunch you skipped spirals to a 1,000-calorie dinner.


Slow Metabolism

Your body is programmed for survival so the body has its own way of adjusting. When you don’t eat for a long time, your metabolism drops as much as 30% and your body stops burning calories as fast as it usually does (saving calories instead of burning them in case you decide to starve your body again), and once you decide to eat, your body will still burn those calories at a slower rate causing weight gain.

Skip Less, Eat More Often

Crash dieting will make you lose weight, lots of it. BUT, this can take a toll on you and you won’t lose more weight unless you put off another meal or eat even lesser. Plus, skipping meals will make you feel famished and exhausted easily, affecting your mood.

When you decide to eat normally again, your low and slow metabolism will be put into shock so rather than reaching your weight goal, you put on back more and more pounds. You don’t want that, do you?

The key to healthy weight management is to improve your metabolism the natural way – by working out regularly and eating healthy, well-balanced meals. When you feed your body well with nutrients at the cellular level, your metabolism essentially sustains, if not boosted.

Essential Herbalife Products

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Lose Weight, Maintain Weight or Gain Weight?

Here is a chart on how you can make personalized choices depending on your weight management goals.


How to Maintain Your Weight after Reaching Your Ideal Weight

It takes time to loose or gain weight, perhaps you’ve attained your target weight after several months. In the sample below, it’s a mistake to stop it hastily at the end of 6 months. You have to condition your body and mind to get used to the new weight for a period of time so as not to fall back to “old habits”.

Body cells die and regenerate every 90-days, thus it’s essential to give time for the old cells to be totally replaced by healthy new cells.


Know the extra weight you have to drop, identify the length of your weight loss and weight management programme.

*Drink 3 Formula 1 Shake per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Gain Programme.

*Drink 2 Formula 1 Shake per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Loss Programme.

*Drink 1 Formula 1 Shake per day + other products in the Herbalife Weight Maintenance Programme.


The next time you think of going on a crash diet, remember this – skipping meals and weight gain go hand in hand. So don’t be afraid to take that bite. As long as you watch what you eat, you need not worry about those pounds piling up!

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