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Jun 04

6 Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain after Exercise

Rigorous physical activity can take a toll in your body. Thus, we suffer sore muscle or muscle stiffness. This can feel like torture. But, fear not for relief is within easy reach. These six ways will effectively relieve muscle pain after exercise.


May 28

Lose Weight with Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes That Work

Do you need to lose weight? Have you been thinking about trying a weight loss programme? Diets and programmes that promise to help you lose weight are everywhere, but Herbalife has the best weight loss programmes that work! 


Apr 25

How to Lose Baby Weight Fast

Now that your new baby is here, it’s time to get rid of those extra pounds you’ve put on during pregnancy. But with an extra hectic schedule, can you still squeeze in some “getting back in shape time”? Absolutely! Here are five easy and effective ways on how to lose baby weight fast.


Apr 10

Is It True Protein Can Burn Fat Fast?

Looking for a more effective way to shed off pounds? A high-protein diet is your key to healthy weight loss. Although exercise is the only way to burn fat, eating adequate amounts of protein may promote weight loss as it enhances satiety, increases metabolism and makes it easier to stick with a low calorie diet. Today, we’ll show you how protein can burn fat.


Apr 02

How to Cook Healthy Food That Tastes Good

Healthy food can be as lip-smacking as a tuna sandwich or a creamy pasta. Diet foods need not be boring if you know how to cook them. We’re here to show you how to cook healthy food that tastes mouthwatering with these 6 easy-to-follow tips.


Mar 28

5 Ways to Treat Flaky Skin on Face

Got dry skin on the face? Dry skin can be very irritating and at times, painful. Dry facial skin is a major problem of many but fortunately, there are effective ways to combat it. Here are five simple proven ways to treat flaky skin on face.


Mar 26

5 Ways to Cut Your Exercise Schedule in Half

Who has time for a long, full workout these days? We know exercising regularly is important. But with a busy schedule, that just seems impossible. Today, you’re in for some good news! Here are 5 ways you can cut your exercise schedule in half so you can workout everyday without wasting precious time.


Mar 23

8 Ways to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Is it possible for you to have a great looking glow? Yes you can if you follow these 8 tips to get glowing skin.


Mar 21

How to Make Your Hair Healthy in 5 Easy Steps

Wouldn’t it be great, if every day was a good hair day? Fortunately, a bouncy and shiny crowning glory is within reach. Today, we’re going to show you how to make your hair healthy regardless of what your hair type is.


Mar 19

Should I Eat Before or After Exercise?

Ready to work up a sweat? Hang on for a second! Have you thought about whether you should eat before or after exercise? What about the food you’re going to eat? It’s not only about planning what type of workout routines you’re doing that’s important, when and what you eat are also huge factors that will help ensure you’ll exercise effectively.