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Mar 28

5 Ways to Treat Flaky Skin on Face

Got dry skin on the face? Dry skin can be very irritating and at times, painful. Dry facial skin is a major problem of many but fortunately, there are effective ways to combat it. Here are five simple proven ways to treat flaky skin on face.

Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Know What Causes Dry Skin

You have to know what triggers dry skin so you can treat and prevent it. The following are common causes of dry skin:

  • Cold Weather – Cold weather can leave you with dry skin due to skin dehydration caused by dry air.
  • Harsh Soaps – Washing your face using any bar of soap can dry out your skin’s natural moisture.
  • Hot Showers – Although soothing, steamy showers can strip off the natural oils in your skin more rapidly.
  • Scrubbing – Scrubbing your skin with a towel after taking a bath strips moisture away.
  • Aging – As you age, hormone levels change causing your skin to become parched and thin.
  • Irritants – Chemicals found in your perfume as well as the detergents and fabric softeners you use can aggravate the face.
  • Skin Condition – Eczema (atopic dermatitis) can cause your face and your body to be red and scaly.

2. Eat Foods for Dry Skin

It’s important that you heal your skin from the inside out. The best way for you to do that is to eat these foods for dry skin:


Avocados can increase the amount of healthy fats to add moisture and make your skin more supple.

celery-and-cucumberCelery and Cucumber

Celery and cucumber have silica which helps boost the skin’s moisture and suppleness. A salad containing these vegetables will keep your skin fresh and moisturized.



The omega 3 fatty acids found in this fish helps minimize inflammation and redness of skin.

Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, green tea will keep your skin young and glowing. Green tea soothes the skin by preventing free radical damage caused by environmental pollution.



Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps the skin become soft as it removes flaking by moisturizing it in a natural way. You can use it topically or internally by adding it to your food.



3. Hydrate with Water.

Nothing beats drinking a lot of agua to hydrate your dry sensitive skin. Always keep a bottle of water handy to make sure you’ll hydrate yourself every so often.


4. Moisturize

It’s important that you regularly moisturize to keep the skin’s protective layer safe from losing moisture. Here are some of the best face creams from Herbalife you have to try:



MultiVitamin Normal to Dry Moisturizer SPF 15

A rich moisturizer with “apricot oil” (a moisturizing oil rich in vitamins A, C and E) that helps skin sustain elasticity and suppleness. The broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection of SPF 15 shields your face from the sun’s damaging rays.






NouriFusion MultiVitamin Night Cream

A night cream made with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, sunflower oil, olive oil, panthenol and Pheohydrane P. that aids healthy skin renewal to moisturize and protect the skin sans the oily feeling.




PC_SKIN ACTIVATOR_Nighttime_Replenishing_Cream


Skin Activator Nighttime Replenishing Cream

An ultra-rich night cream with time-delaying glutamine complex that helps in collagen production to hydrate and nourish the skin. It revitalizes your skin during sleep – a time when skin renewal is at its most active.




5. Humidify in Cold Weather

As mentioned earlier, cold, rainy days can leave your skin dry. Run a humidifier in your bedroom (with indoor humidity of about 50%) to increase air moisture.

Flaky skin on face is no reason for you to go berserk. Try out one or two of our tips. In time, you’ll get skin that will be the envy of many!

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