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Mar 26

5 Ways to Cut Your Exercise Schedule in Half

Who has time for a long, full workout these days? We know exercising regularly is important. But with a busy schedule, that just seems impossible. Today, you’re in for some good news! Here are 5 ways you can cut your exercise schedule in half so you can workout everyday without wasting precious time.

#1: Exercise at Home.

No, you don’t need to go to the gym to get a proper workout. All you need is your body. Sweating it out at home saves you time, not to mention money. Rent or buy an exercise DVD. Take a walk, run or jog around your neighbourhood. No exercise equipments? No problem! You can perform burpees, lunges, push-ups and squats to build strength.


#2: Raise Up The Intensity.

Reduce rest periods in between your exercises. Perform sprinting intervals instead of jogging. Use a timer to create urgency. Set it to 15 minutes and do a set of exercises and complete the work out routines as many times as you can within that time. Decreased rest periods and shorter and more intense workouts are the key to cutting your exercise time in half. Plus, the increased intensity will help you burn more calories.


#3: Focus On Your Entire Body.

Full-body workouts are better than split workouts (exercises that concentrate on a particular body part). Why? Because this lets you use more muscles which helps you lose weight, build lean muscle mass and boost overall fitness. Perform exercises that call multiple muscle groups into action such as deadlift, kettbell swing, overhead press, squats and woodchop.


#4: Don’t Do Steady-State Cardio.

30-minutes on the treadmill or bike are not the best workouts to burn fat or lose weight. You’re only wasting time and effort. Instead, do quick cardio sessions. HIIT workouts such as running sprints and circuit training are more efficient as the intensity is greater helping you increase your endurance while you burn more calories.


#5: Combine Your Exercises.

Include compound exercises and supersets into your personal fitness plan. These work up both your upper and lower body into a single move to hit several muscle groups at the same time. Squat then push into an overhead press or perform a lunge with a bicep curl.


Tweak your exercise schedule so you can cut your workout time in half. This way, you’ll always have time to get fit amidst living a busy lifestyle.

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