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Jul 16

Lose Weight Fast Through Proper Portion Control

Dying to take a normal meal instead of drinking the Formula 1 Shake from your Herbalife meal plan? Wish granted! Taking normal meals with your Herbalife meal plan is possible so long as you practice a healthy diet to efficiently manage portion control sizes and lose weight fast.


Jul 15

Ramadan: Effective Fasting Meal Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Ramadan is a time of devotion, charity, reflection and fasting practiced by Muslims all over the world. Since fasting by consuming the best nutrition promises good health, why not begin Ramadan with a healthy Herbalife fasting meal plan.


Jul 10

How to Measure Body Fat and Ideal Body Weight

A lot of people want to lose weight, and the best way to attain this is to know how to measure body fat. In order for you to effectively embark on ways to lose weight, it is very important for you to know your current body fat percentage in order to have a reasonable healthy weight range.