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Feb 02

2 Surprising Weight Loss Tricks Backed By Science

We diet to achieve our desired weight. But not all tips and tricks about dieting are true; others are just fads which keeps us from attaining our goal. Today, we decode the truth behind these two popular weight loss tricks so you don’t waste investing your time and effort in an ineffective diet plan once and for all.

Diet Trick #1: You Can Skip Breakfast If You Want

 “A healthy diet starts with a good breakfast.” is one of the most common weight loss diet rules we’ve heard. But wait, there’s just one problem – A good breakfast doesn’t guarantee an overall healthy diet. In fact, in a recent survey conducted, almost half of those who eat breakfast are obese or overweight. Here are two things you should know about breakfast:

  1. Timing is not very important. You don’t have to eat immediately or even an hour after waking up. Your metabolism won’t be harmed.
  2. Eating breakfast early creates a bigger eating space (as you eat more during the day) which can lead to an increase of fat storage and your exposure to health risks. So for instance if you’re having your first meal at 8 AM and eat your last meal at 11 PM, that’s 15 hours of eating – which may be more than what your body needs.

The Real Score

No one meal is more essential than the other. The amount of food you eat, how much time you spend eating every day, calorie intake and food choices (grilled salmon vs. Big Mac) are more important factors.

Ditch breakfast if you want or have one. Just watch what you put inside your mouth to avoid consuming more calories than you need.

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Diet Trick # 2: Consider Fasting for Better Health

Dieting doesn’t mean you should not eat, that’s starvation. There’s a big difference between supressing what your body needs and reconditioning your body so you can regulate your hunger and let your body revitalize. Fasting isn’t an illogical idea as it appears to be since we do it each night when we sleep, which is a crucial time for optimal health. But, the thought of not eating for a few hours during the day is rejected.

When done correctly, fasting can help the body burn fat, rejuvenate and stay healthy. Fasting is similar to those cleansing diets we drink that help rid the body of toxins, improve functioning of internal organs and help you age better.

The real “detoxification” only occurs at the cellular level called autophagy which boosts your brain, helps with fat loss and even helps in your ability to breathe and walk. Thus, the more time you spend eating, the less time you spend in the autophagic process, which is why fasting isn’t a bad thing.


The Real Score

Experts say that those who fast for a day every month are less prone to blocked arteries. There are many ways to fast, what’s essential is that you MUST NOT feel forced to eat if you’re not famished. Short daily fasts (for 12 to 16 hours) or a once a week fasting provides health benefits and it will help you classify boredom from genuine hunger.

We recommend you to follow our Herbalife Meal Plan. This meal plan is one of the most effective diet tricks on how to slim down fast while improving one’s overall health.

Included in the Herbalife Meal Plan are:

As unbelievable as it seems, these two weight loss tricks are real. No fads and no faking are involved so you can finally say hello to a healthier, happier and slimmer you!

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